Graduation Party Planning Ideas

It’s that time of year again!! School’s almost out and graduation is near!

With  summer right around the corner, vacations, summer activities and all other planning starts to become a bit hectic.

Whether you are planning a graduation party for a young child or an adult, it should be kept fun and light-spirited. After all, the hard work throughout the years has finally come to an end and it’s time to enjoy it- worry free!

A few tips for planning a worry free (and small budget) graduation party!

1) Decor- keep decoration simple, yet fun.  Whether you are a fan of balloons or not, having bright centerpieces or decorations throughout your venue (at home or not) instantly brings cheer and screams “Celebration”.  Inexpensive decorations, like these below are perfect because you can recuse the glass jars and balloons are rather inexpensive.  Flowers, such as tulips are also a great idea for a little bit more of a mature celebration.

Tulips and Balloons

Simple Mason Jar Cenerpiece

Simple Mason Jar Cenerpiece

2) Food- you want to keep food items very simple and small.  Anything that can be grabbed and put either on a napkin, small bowl or a small plate is perfect.  Now is the time to mingle and enjoy the company of those you may have rejected during your studies- there’s a lot of catching up to do- sit down dinners may take that away from the mood oft his type of party.  Opt for mini sliders, pigs in a blanket, and sandwiches as your primary dishes.  Pasta salad can also be taken in small bowls or cups and may not be as messy as lettuce with dressing.

FInger Food

3) Dessert- keeping the theme of small bits, opt for cupcakes or cake bites rather than a large sheet cake for a celebration like this. As people are most likely standing around and chatting, cupcakes are perfect for this type of occasion as it also help keeps the sense of movement.

Cupcake Graduation Tower

Cupcake Graduation Tower

4) Drink- have options as far as alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  Feel free to get creative here. Have a bartender come up with a signature cocktail for your special occasion.  Make sure to be able to have alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations of this drink as well. 0f714dff8b463f1d5b9139c1a74503c6

A graduation ion is a grand celebration and should not bring on any anguish or stress.  These simple ideas for planning a care-free event are perfect for the busy individual who does not want to compromise the meaningfulness of this celebration.

Contact Touch of Elegance for more ideas and consultations to plan any event you may have this upcoming season!


{Wedding Wednesday} Choosing Jewelry!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!
Hope all of you are having a beautiful weekend so far.

With wedding season in full swing, there are many important elements that we need to address. Every bride of course wants to look flawless on their big day- and they should!

Apart from the anticipated dress, hair make up and all of the small details play a big part in a brides’ look.

Many brides choose to wear pieces that belonged to their mother, grandmother or other family member that are very important to them- and with reason!

When choosing jewelry for your wedding though, there are a few things to take into consideration!

1) Stylemake sure the jewelry you choose complements and actually fits in with your wedding dress and other accessories. You want to stick to one style. Over dressing your wrists and neck can make it look tacky or misplaced.

2) Cost– if you are not borrowing jewelry from someone or wearing your own, consider cost here. There is not much reasoning behind spending an outstanding amount of money on jewelry, especially if it is specific to this occasion. There are endless options of costume jewelry. There are so many opportunities for jewelry to get lost on a day where you are shuffling around. Visit different stores, try on different pieces, even purchase one or two prior to your wedding to make sure you are not allergic.

3) Photography yes. This can also be tied in with cost. Of course when you are opting to go the less expensive route, you want to consider how it will look in photographs. Take pictures of the jewelry in different lighting to see how it will turn out in photographs.

These are only a few things to consider when searching for adornment on your big day. See This blog for a few more helpful hints!

Below are a few beautiful pierces that are sure to add beauty to any bridal attire and will not break the bank!



Bridal pear drop earring

Bridal pear drop earring




Via Etsy

Bridal Hair Comb via Etsy


Rose Gold Pearl Bracelet via Etsy

Rose Gold Pearl Bracelet via Etsy


Mrs. Script Sterling Silver via Etsy

Mrs. Script Sterling Silver via Etsy


Bridal Rhinestone Earring via Etsy

Bridal Rhinestone Earring via Etsy



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Wedding State of Mind

In the spirit of Earthday 2014 this post is all about how to be a more environmentally friendly bride/groom-to-be. What did your kindergarten teacher tell you to do – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Today’s Bride and Groom’s are more environmentally-friendly than ever. The bonus about reducing your carbon footprint as you plan your wedding? SAVING MONEY while you’re at it.

So many Brides I have spoken to are foregoing the trip to the Bridal Shop and buying USED wedding gowns online and saving over 50% of the cost. What do you think about wearing a used wedding gown? Is this against the ‘sacred’ tradition of the ‘never-worn’ white wedding dress? Brides today are savvy and care more about being resourceful than being lavish or excessive. Personally I think this trend is brilliant. Take a look at this, with a quick Google search I found Vera Wang wedding gowns starting at $650.00…

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Garden Inspired Parties

In light of Earth Day approaching, I thought I would share some garden inspired party ideas.

From small dinner gatherings to large weddings, an outdoor plant infused decor element is as simply chic and refreshing as they come.

Rather than the usual banquet hall or restaurant, an outdoor event allows for personality to shine through and invites your guests to enjoy something out of the norm.

For decor, simple table settings are perfect.  The green background of a yard or a field already adds such a perfect landscape that keeping it minimal is just what you need.

Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Via Ruffled Blog

Via Ruffled Blog

Decorations around your venue or space can become as creative as you’d like.  Including things like plants and vegetables really adds lots of color and unique flair.

Via Wedding Chicks

Via Wedding Chicks

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Keeping with the theme of the “outdoors”  giving goodies such as potted plants to your guests is a great idea that will allow them to remember their experience for a long time

Potted Plant Thank You Gifts

Potted Plant Thank You Gifts

When it comes to food, you want to keep it very simple and grab-friendly.  Since this is an outdoor event, chances are your guests will want to walk around and mingle.  Providing foods that will require bowls or large plates may not be the best idea.  Keep it simple with mini appetizers such as quiches, mini sandwiches or sliders so that your guests can grab them and continue their movement.

For drinks, providing custom drinks to go with the decor, keeping with color scheme or coming up with names is a fun idea for your guests to enjoy.

Outdoor events can be so much fun and can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or to plan your Garden Inspired Event!

Perfect Gifts for your Bride-To-Be Friend

loved these ideas on Gifting brides-to-be!

Doli Diaries


By Praachi Raniwala

We at Doli Dairies take bridal gifting very very seriously. “I have attended too many weddings this year and am out of innovative gift ideas for my next bride-to-be friend,” or “She’s already got herself everything she needs,” are not valid excuses to slack off on the gift hunt. For all we care, this could be your tenth friend to get married this year (Gasp! Could it be?), your gift to her should be nothing short of aawww-inducing. After all, a wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime affair, isn’t it? Since bridal registry hasn’t really picked up in India and cash is a no-no, we agree it can be tough, but it’s not impossible!


We say, make the gift so fabulous that the couple will be fighting over it should the D-word (touchwood!) ever crop into their lives. Excuse us, that was us trying to be funny… But anyway…

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Unique Party and Wedding Favors

We spend a lot of time planning and coordinating our events and weddings.
From decor to food and entertainment, we can find so many ways to make our parties memorable for our guests.

Everyone wants to leave an impression and send their special ones home with a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment. Some would even say an event is unsuccessful if the guests aren’t talking about it for weeks.

Of course decor, food and entertainment play a big role in “wow-ing” our guests, but it doesn’t end. There.

Party favors are a big way to make your guests feel special and appreciated for taking time out of their lives to celebrate with you.

A typical coaster, serving tray or picture frame will most likely get tossed aside as soon as your guests enter their home.

Giving your guests something fun and unique will not only impress them, but it will make them remember how much fun they had and how thoughtful your gifts are.

Here are some unique ideas for party favors!





Via Pinterest

Customized Push-pop


Via Elizabeth Anne Designs




Via Real Wedding Day

Maine bottle opener


Via The Excited Bride



Via The Excited Bride

Olive oil


Via Pinterest

Mini board games

{Wedding Wednesday} Non-Traditional Gowns

Take a hike, tradition!

We’ve been seeing such an influx of modernization shining through so many events and weddings lately.

We can’t ever express how much we value individuality and creativity when it comes to our clients and we are utterly devoted to helping them express themselves through the details of such events.

With that said, we are lusting over patterned wedding dresses!

Of course we still adore the traditional, white fairy tale wedding gown, but we can’t help but be excited for the freshness these patterned dresses and the bravery of the women who chose to wear them on a day as special as the memories created .

 Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Would you wear a patterned dress on your wedding day ?

Feel free  to contact us so that we can help you plan your most unique event or wedding!


Via The Ruffled Blog


Via Grey Likes Weddings


Via Preston Bailey


via David’s Bridal


via Rissy Roos



Sweets Bars

Happy Monday!

We hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Touch of Elegance plans and coordinates all types of events.  Whether small or large, we like to incorporate details that will make every event as unique as it’s host.  

Sweets bars are still a very popular trend.  These candy buffets, or dessert bars can defnitely add something special to each event if they are presented elegantly.   Having a variety of candies or desserts can make this a fun experience for your guests as they gather around them and pretty much feel like a “kid in a candy store” 

With the enormous variety of candy out there, it is fully understandable to get overwhelmed when deciding what to incorporate in your own bar.

Stick to a color palette and choose the type of candies that are easy to scoop up or grab with tongs.  

Keep in mind that if this is for an outdoor event, you want to avoid soft candies and chocolates that may melt if left out in the sun too long.  

Below are a few photos to inspire your sweets bar.

Please feel fee to contact us so we can build your own unique sweets bar. 



via Aileen Tran


via Touch of Elegance



via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


via Pinterest


10 of the Most Beautiful Bridal Headpieces found on Etsy!

We can’t wait to share with you some of our favorite finds this week!

There’s an abundance of bridal accessories to choose from all over the internet, trunk shows and bridal expos- but we absolutely love the idea of using Etsy because you are getting something unique.

Every bride (and co.) wants to look exquisite on that special day.
Many of you spend months looking for the perfect jewelry, garter, veil and shoes.

We really love the idea of fascinators and headbands and we’ve searched the world of Etsy for you and come up with our Top 10 picks!

Jeweled headpieces and hair combs can get super pricey- but we’ve narrowed it down to these beauties – and the best part of it all is they are all under $100!!!

We hopes his helps complete your look on your special day!

Happy Friday!