WINTER IS COMING: Prepare for a Fantastic Holiday Party

If you are anything like us, as soon as a chill crept into the air you immediately thought “YAY the Holidays are coming!!!” Some will ask “is it a bit early ?” To that we say NO, ¬†because the most wonderful time of year is also the busiest! We have put together some fabulous ideas to get you thinking about the perfect company holiday party!!

Steps to a Perfect Party:

  1. Inspired Eats!!

Don’t bore your fellow employees with the normal fare at your company event. Take things up a notch with a fun themed bar!


A Hot Chocolate Bar is fun for everyone! Your guests will enjoy personalizing their own beverage with all the goodies! If you’re feeling festive you can also spice things up with Baileys Irish Cream!


A S’more Bar is a delicious way to end a great party! Roasting the marshmallows over the fire will warm your guests and also provide a delicious end of the night treat!


A Waffle Bar is a fabulous party’s best friend. We love the idea of sweet or savory waffles- bacon anyone?

2. Dazzling Decor

Think outside the box with some inspiring holiday decor. We love the idea of keeping a winter wonderland theme. Your event will shine with lots of pine, frosted elements, and celebratory colors like silver and gold.





3. Fabulous Favors

Your employees work hard for you all year long. Reward their efforts with party favors they will adore!


Keep the party popping with Take Home Popcorn Kits!


Stay cozy with this cute and practical pine cone fire starter.


Serve up a little holiday nostalgia with homemade pie like your Mom used to make.

Hope these ideas have gotten you thinking about your upcoming holiday parties!! Looking for some help to bring your vision to life? Call Touch of Elegance Events at 718-640-6785 or email us


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